Supplemental Projects

Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome Project (2006-2007)


To conduct statewide surveillance of sudden unexplained infant deaths detailing the feasibility of collecting, abstracting, and coding SUID information to ultimately reduce these infant deaths.

In 2002, Kentucky had 108 SUID deaths with a crude death rate of 19.9 per 10,000 live births.


(provided by the CDC)

Each year in the US, approximately 4,500 infants die suddenly of no immediately obvious cause. When investigated, half of these sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUIDs) are attributed to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is the leading cause of SUID and of all deaths among infants aged 1-12 months. To accurately diagnose and classify a sudden and unexplained infant death, a thorough investigation of the death scene, a complete autopsy, and a review of the clinical history must be conducted. Regrettably, many SUIDs are not thoroughly investigated, and when they are, information to help determine cause of death is not collected and reported consistently.

Lack of carefully collected death scene information also makes it difficult to distinguish between SIDS and deaths from accidental suffocation or from unknown cause. To help make the classification of all SUID more accurate, CDC has developed a new investigation form and training materials about use of the form for medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officials, mortality review teams, and others.

The purpose of this pilot project is to determine the feasibility of collecting, abstracting, and entering information about the SUID into an electronic surveillance system for use by the state and the CDC with the ultimate goal of reducing these infant deaths. The SUID project will utilize the current NVDRS/KVDRS infrastructure. The SUID data collection instrument is completed using information that is already being collected by the KVDRS. One aim of the pilot project is to identify information on the SUID form that is not readily available or is too difficult to obtain for routine collection.

Elder Maltreatment Surveillance Pilot (2009-2011)

Elder Maltreatment Surveillance Pilot (2009-2011)